Empower Women

Women are in a business world which discriminates against them.  They often take leave from work to raise a family, yet they don’t receive any superannuation or sick leave or holiday pay for doing this.  Any wonder why many women reach retirement with far less superannuation than men.

Woman receive less pay for the same jobs as men.  Again leading to less superannuation than men have, and fewer opportunities to invest.

Many women just don’t retire on similar superannuation and other assets as men do, because our business and legal systems just don’t support them.  Conrad Turnbull helps women to be empowered through a combination of Family Law Legal Advice, Financial knowledge, Knowledge of Property Investing and Wealth Creation, and applies the law to each individuals particular circumstances.  All these areas are vital to getting the best Family Law outcome.  At times it might be appropriate see a Finance expert depending on your particular circumstances.

Conrad helps women to empower themselves in order to level the playing field in Family Law Property matters.  Women can become financially independent in their own right, without being dragged down by the business worlds discrimination. This could be simply by retaining ownership of a property form a Family Law Settlement. 

It’s time You got the edge so see Conrad Turnbull, an experienced Family Law Solicitor, who has more than just legal knowledge.

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