Men and Family Law

Men in the family law system often feel frustrated with the family law property system.  In many instances this frustration can be minimised or eliminated.  This is done by understanding your goals and wishes, and then formulating a Strategy of both Finance issues and legal advice and skilled negotiation.  

For example, it might be more beneficial to keep only a portion (not all) of your superannuation in a property settlement, and rather take enough money (cash) to be able to get a property.  That property could be one to live in, or even an investment property.  Depending on your particular financial circumstances ,it could be better to get a cheaper investment property than buying a property to live in.  This is often called Rentvesting.  This is just one example of many different types of issues to consider when formulating a Family Law Property Settlement.

When is it better to take more superannuation and less cash?  This is very much age dependant in light of your financial circumstance.  Every persons situation and goals are different.  Conrad Turnbull has experience in this type of legal,  financial advice, and property investing advice,to ensure you get the best possible legal and financial result possible.  Call Conrad Turnbull Family Law Solicitor Newcastle now.

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