The Secret to Hiring the Best Family Lawyer for Half the Price

You may have realised that some lawyers charge $500 an hour or even more (like $550/hr), and you have to deposit $5,000 – $10,000 as a retainer into a lawyer’s trust account upfront before they’ll do any work for you.

Let me share a “dirty little secret” with you. Some lawyers don’t want you to pay them upfront. Some allow you to pay them at the end once your property settlement all finished. Some lawyers are expert at getting a speedy result for clients without going to court. This can happen through negotiations done professionally without emotion affecting either you or your former partner. This can also be done through going to a Mediation and getting a quick result for you there. Some lawyers are Collaborative Practitioners and emphasize ensuring respect and dignity is maintained for all involved while getting you a speedy result.

So getting the right lawyer means:

· no more having to pay huge amounts upfront to the lawyer

· no more continual billing between junior solicitors, senior solicitors/associates and partners

· no more conferences and meetings with 2 or more lawyers in a room charging a combined fee of over $800 per hour

· no more expensive court appearances and paying for lawyers while you wait until your case is called

· no more waiting for years until your case gets a trial date

· no more massive expense of preparing your court documents just to get to court

One lawyer can do it all.

No upfront fees and no massive retainer.

Even if you go to court fewer than 10% of cases actually go to trial, the rest settle. You don’t even need to go to court to settle.

There is no confrontation with your former partner from settling through professional legal letters, mediation or collaborative law.

With proper technique and negotiation abilities, and expert financial knowledge, your Family Lawyer can help you find a settlement which you will feel good about. It’s great to have enormous benefits in addition to saving money.

Our Conrad Turnbull is a Family Lawyer in Newcastle and North Sydney, he’s mobile.   If you’d like to Hire the Best Family Lawyer for Half the Price, contact us now.

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