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Conrad Turnbull

Conrad Turnbull has over 20 years of wide ranging experience in law and related fields.  His experience in Financial Planning Advice for many years has given his clients an edge in Family Law Property matters.  Family Law and De-Facto Law Property matters both involve Law and Financial Planning knowledge.   By combining the knowledge, Conrad is able to structure a legal settlement which aims to achieve those legal goals.  It's much more than just a legal settlement.   We are Family Lawyers in Newcastle

Collaborative Law (and mediation) - respectful and dignified ways of resolving disputes.  Going through any legal issues can be stressful and emotionally draining.  Conrad Turnbull is trained in Collaborative Law.  This is a much more respectful and dignified way to resolve your legal issues, particularly when children are involved and resolving property issues are a main focus.  It by-passes the Court system and aims for a speedy and lower cost resolution.

Conrad can also assist you with Challenging Wills (or Estate).

Estate Planning - If you want to prevent a challenge to your Will, then there are ways to go about doing this.  Again, this is a combination of both Law, and Financial Planning knowledge and both must be considered when ensuring you're loved ones are being cared for the way you intend, not how the Courts may determine your Will show be re-written.  Financial Advisors provide their clients with advices as to how to Structure their Wills, and how to avoid unnecessary taxes after death for beneficiaries.  There is much to consider when providing this advice.  It is the Solicitor who then prepare the necessary documents to sign.  Both are needed, and Conrad Turnbull has the experience in both professions to advise you.

Trusts, Self Managed Superannuation Funds and Companies are all services we can provide.

Conveyancing - Buying or Selling property

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For the month of September, anyone who becomes a client of Conrad Turnbull Law for Family Law or De-Facto Law Property matter, will receive the first 1 hour free!    But you must mention where you saw this to be eligible.

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"I would highly recommend Conrad. Conrad is not only very understanding and patient, he has an extensive knowledge in law,  I am so glad that Conrad was recommended to me." Vanessa Gebhard

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How Much will it cost?  Your first consultation is free.  I'm that confident that after your first appointment, you'll want to continue with my advice and get the edge.

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We are mobile so we can meet you where it's convenient for you.  We are located in Toronto in Lake Macquarie and we service Newcastle too.

What skills does a Family Law Solicitor Need? - Fast & Precise

 The ability to work methodically yet Fast & Precise to get the outcome you deserve. Family Law is about both Law, and Financial Planning knowledge. To have the one person with experience and skill in both areas would be idea to anyone looking for a Family Law solicitor in Newcastle.  Proper Estate Planning can help someone Challenge a Will once you've died.  Make sure your loved ones get what they deserve.

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