Women getting more from a Property Settlement

Negotiating a Family Law settlement is more than just dollars or percentages.  It's about getting the right assets or superannuation to keep.

The key is this is knowing what to keep or how much to get.  It even encompases what to sell.

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Men and Family Law

Often men feel frustrated with Family Law issues with an understanding of the need for you to be heard.  By explaining the Law Clearly in an easy to understand way, you can then focus on getting a result rather than building up hate and resentment for the legal system, and your former partner.

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Mediation of Disputes

Many disputes like Family Law Property Matters can often be resolved without going to Court.

This can be by letters between the solicitors firms to get an agreement. 

It can be done a Mediation.  This is where there is a Mediator who acts like a referee to help the people come to an agreement.

If those things fail then often going to Court might be the only way forward.

It can be cheaper to resolve the dispute by keeping it out of court.  

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Wills - they aren't expensive

Many people think Wills are expensive.  Wills are an essential necessity of life.  The cost of a Will is like a life long investment in your wealth and the wealth you wish to distribute to loved ones.  Done right, and with a holistic advice, many taxes can be minimised or even eliminated.  Don't put off getting our Will done the right way.  If you don't have a properly prepared Will, then there is a high chance things will end up in Court and instead of your loved ones inheriting your wealth, the lawyers will get thousands of dollars of your estate - that could be the most costly decision of your life.

Call me now or email us to find out more, and get a will tailored to your specific needs.

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Empowering Women and Men - Make sure your children receive their inheritance - Estate Planning

When considering your Will (and Estate Planning), remember not all relationships will last forever - at least 1 in 3 won't.

This is particularly important when a parent wants to ensure their children receive the inheritance they are entitled to or which the parent wants the children to receive.

Conrad helps women and men to be empowered to ensure their children will receive that inheritance.

Conrad Turnbull will help you take back the Power to get you the result you want.

Empowering women and men to achieve everything they deserve.

Conrad Turnbull Law in Newcastle will give you a comprehensive but way to understand advice as to how best arrange your Estate Planning. family law solicitor newcastle

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Empowering Women through Settlements

Conrad has helped women to become empowered to create their own financial security now and then for themselves for later in life, and give them a level playing field.  Often this is by negotiating that they keep the house in a Family Law settlement.  This huge asset can help them to become the maker of their own financial independence.

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Helping Individuals Rebuild

After a Property Separation both men and woman usually have far fewer assets than when they were together.  Getting the right result in negotiations can make getting back on track with your finances and becoming financially independent much easier.  There's a lot more to a settlement than just the percentage of assets you obtain.

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How a man got a lot more than expected

In a Family Law Settlement, there is great scope for negotiation.  Often this can benefit both the male and female.  At times this can lead to the male gaining far more than a solicitor thought possible.   To get the extra wealth from a property settlement, sometimes Finance knowledge is necessary.  In Family Law negotiations this may become helpful and a Finance expert might need to be engaged. needed to give advice.  This then assists the solicitor too. Get the solicitor with both skills  so get the max you can.  Call Conrad Turnbull Family Law Solicitor Newcastle

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Traumatised Women

With the greatest number of deaths coming from relationship issues, it follow that there must be thousands of women currently traumatised from their relationship.

It's also a very terrible fact that many women leave and then go back to those relationship, never to escape the circle of violence and trauma.

Get out and get a new foundation for your life.

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Oils ain't oils and Wills aren't Wills

There are 2 categories of Wills.  Which to choose depends upon on a number of factors From 2 categories.  The first category is about your wealth, and the 2nd category is about your loved ones.        

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Will your Will be challenged when you die?

Life has 1 guarantee - we will die.

You can control who receives your wealth but only if the rights things are done.  But will your intentions and you Will be challenged in Court? 

There are many things that can be done, put in place, or arranged to decrease that chances of your Will being Challenged.  Some of this involves legal knowledge and other parts are finance issues.  Any finance advice would be obtained from a finance expert.  Our solicitor, Conrad Turnbull, has also been a finance expert and can give you the best holistic advice.

Will Your Will be Challenged

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