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Our Approach - Fast & Accurate outcome

At Conrad Turnbull Law, we specialize in getting the results you want and deserve. We understand the demands on your time and that's why we provide a MOBILE Legal Service. We can come to you, at a time convenient. Alternatively, we have an office in TORONTO NSW, overlooking beautiful Lake Macquarie. We are dedicated to understanding what results you want and to helping you understand what actions we can take on your behalf. We will work with you every step of the way to make sure that you understand the choices you are making and feel empowered to make them.  We always work methodically to get you a Fast & Precise outcome you deserve. 

The Right Solicitor for You - Get an Advantage

Choosing Conrad Turnbull Law gives you the advantage. Conrad's expertise in both Law and Financial Planning Advice - especially for Family Law Property matters and Estate Planning, ensures you will receive comprehensive advice about how the law applies to your particular circumstances.  

Get the edge in Family Law by having Conrad Turnbull be Your Solicitor.

Estate Planning involves 2 parts. 1 is the strategy or plan (Financial Planning), and 2nd is the necessary legal documents (legal advice).  While most people just see a lawyer for a Will, seeing Conrad Turnbull will ensure all matters are covered and if necessary, some to provide  Financial Planning advice can be engaged.

To find out more about these special advantages, call us on 0408 927 640.  To read more click here.

Your Success from our Experience

We have over 20 years experience and have a proven track record of success. Many clients have been helped and achieved great results.  Many clients have appreciated they can receive all the advice in the one building from various  experts as needed. We use our wide experience to help you along a path to the results you want. 

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Legal Advice you will understand

Communication is crucial to getting the best result.  We talk in language you will understand.  We won't use legal language that you just won't understand, and there is no need to talk or write that way at all.  Our Clients are most important to us, so why would we speak with them in a legal language they don't understand.  Our meeting times are reduced as we don't have to explain the same thing continuously just because we use legal jargon.  This means our clients save on legal fees too.

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Reasonable Legal Fees

So many people just cant afford expensive legal fees.

We have specifically kept our rates low to give people the opportunity of getting holistic legal advice at a reasonable price, and at a time and place that suits them.   we are open Saturdays too as Conrad understands how busy people's lives are and at times it's just not convenient to continually take time off work to see a solicitor.   

"Putting clients first is how I work".

If you've been putting off seeing a solicitor because of the cost, then call me.

Low cost Legal Fees

Our Solicitor - Family Law

Conrad Turnbull - Fast, Accurate & Empathy

Conrad's sole goal is to achieve what you want from your legal situation.  Doing this quickly yet thoroughly, and through a combination of many areas of expertise.  You can feel comfortable and confident that that you have the right Solicitor working for you.  Conrad is result driven to get you what you deserve.

Conrad has also given financial advice for many years in the past. This combination of Legal advice and Financial Planning knowledge, gives you the edge in Family Law Property issues, or Estate Planning (Wills).

Conrad is a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of NSW, and the High Court of Australia.

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